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oh this is the best day....
after I got home from pangandaran at 1 am then at 7 am I'm off to accompany my students for Japanese language competition...although I'm dead tired but I must not show that to my students so I encourage them because they are nervous and their hands so cold..
then it's time for the contest, since Kana contest teachers can't go in so I only watch my student on rodoku contest..maybe you are wondering what is Rodoku contest...it's almost like speech contest but this one is reading contest..they gave student 3 text and can choose one to read. funny is my student get wrong greeting, saying Konnichiwa when it should be ohayou gozaimase...she had it good only mistaken one sentence...
all contest finished at 12 pm...then we had lunch and talk with other contestant from other island, contestant comes from nationwide so it makes me think my students wont have the chance...

But boy, GOD love us and I got a surprise on the next day the closing day, they announce that My student won 2nd place for Rodoku contest, and I was like huh???win???OMG!!!!!!! and it's nerve wreck just to received the trophy.. and I felt like crying...I trained her had for 8 days before I go to pangandaran and it paid of and when I received her text saying ; " it's all because sensei though me how to do, big thanks for you sensei " and my heart content with that...
can you imagine I only began teaching them from January with hard time but fun and then try to sent my student on a contest, this is our 2nd time joining a contest and we actually win, its 2nd place..gosh....
this give me courage to give my all to teach them, built Nihon club at our school...

by the way here is the list for the contest.
- Kana contest
- Kanji Contest
- Rodoku Contest
- Speech Contest
- Shuji contest

here is the picture.

here is the shuji's writing winners
next competition will try to enroll this contest but first me have to learn how to write shuji before I can find someone to teach my stundents..

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28 June 2011 @ 11:24 am
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Look at the big wave, we are forbidden to go in the middleOn to the beachCollapse )    On to the beachCollapse )   
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19 April 2011 @ 12:27 pm
hello guys...

it's been so long since I update this lj...since my net at home making me go nuts so I can update my lesson..if you guys have been waiting I'm very sorry but I will promise you I will make it up one I get net at home..it would probably after new year for school around august..for now I will gather all the lesson and make it fun and easy to learn. will add more flashcard, audio and maybe video, depend on how the net helping me on that....
but I will not update it here, I have made a new blog : http://hanashimashou.wordpress.com
in that blog I will update the lesson...if you visit and learn from the lesson make sure to leave a message and participate in the games, quiz just like you are taking a lesson in school...by that I can get to know how far have you take the lesson, can the lesson be understood or what??just feedback...

till then...take care
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17 January 2011 @ 11:24 am

Today I leave early to one private high school to apply as Japanese Language teacher..and they don't ask anything hard just telling that I will only teaching 2 class which is the date start tomorrow..the salary is way cheap, not worthily if you look for the material but I'm not complaining..I set my mind that I want to start teaching..they kindly said that at new semester they will try to add more hour for me or more class to teach..for now I want to gain experience and if I'm patient enough I will be in my comfortable zone, students understand my lesson and I will be in better position and at the end I will get more salary...
the funny things is I'm not that sad with this, makes me happy because they give me the chance..before I always like chicken out when I got a call for interview, using the location so far away, I will only get rejection excuses makes me withdraw before I even in the battle..yes due constant not having job, rejection over 6 month I can't help it if I have that feelings...well I'm human after all...but this is my starting point, from very low, so slow but I will be a strong snail...hope by the end of the year I can see the result and hope it will be better and better than the start...
as for the Japanese lesson..don't worry I will continue it..after I got a hold teaching at high school maybe I will get more inspiration of what else to teach you guys that waiting for update on the lesson...I can't guarantee when but soon, soon!! I promise...
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29 December 2010 @ 11:39 am
it's been a while since I put entry..especially from my make yup tutorial

but before we go there,,,,Merry Christmas to you all and hope we can have a merry day...

ah this is several try before the test,,it's hard to put make up on older lady especially if we don't have the right make up and beside the skin is well not like young girl skin...so it's hard..

this lady is so hard to corporate so I have trouble put make up on her...

this lady is so nice..but I failed make twist on her hair...ahaha my first time..will word hard next time.

this is Tenty again but somehow I failed making hair like in the magazine.but at test today I manage to make it on my own hair..

I hate the make up I put on her..failed...

look how messy the hair..ahahaha it's my first try...sigh...but I make it better after I try it on my own hair..ah net is bitching me, will upload the rest later...I saved the best for last...

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14 December 2010 @ 11:03 pm
Oh My Lord. I just saw my dad after my course, he's at home and cancel going out so I go to netcafe to download MSOAN, got carried away for 2 1/2 our until my causin (my brother) suddently comes to me saying dad is in hospital, he's fall from a roof that he's trying to put the material down because they must moved the store due government say so. unfortunatelly my dad's leg slip and fell from that height and land on his back, his back hit the ground full of broken floor hard and that's makes him hard to breath and his arms all bloody so they took him right to hospital afraid that he might injured badly or have broken ribs, mom tags along. they give rontgent and stich his arms, it's cuts very deep that they must stich it inside out (double) but lucky no bad injured but he can't moved freely because he gots deep bruise on his waist and back, several mini cut were found but they allowed my dad to come home and they shocking part when we must pay the bill it cost almost 700.000 rupiaj..man my dad in that hospital barely an hour but they charge him so many, even must pay for doctor action like observe the wound..WTF? only stich some and must pay that much???
my dad keep saying why must I go there, I was hesitant at first, why this is happening when we don't have any penny at our hands, even mom borrowed my causins money.several days a go my dad keep saying why I haven't got JOb?? I hate jobless, I'm the elder but they can't count on me, I just keep making them work hard..this whole year not oncegood things happen , no job...GOD!!! I cry for my dad have to hurt but more hurt because I can't handle the bill..I hope miracle happen please???
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Yes...I'm going to sell my costume, all of the cloth only being wear just once.

if you interest just contact me by email : erika_niikura74@hotmail.com or 081394379153

This is Ruiza from D costume.I'm offering it rp. 800.000 or US$ 89. its very cheap compare to the original cost when I'm making it and its difficult with all the detail.most of the material using silk and high quality material.the size is for M and L size will fit in this,

this is a nother ruiza from D costume taking from ouka soumekai pv...gosh I forgot the full name.

I'm offering rp.800.000 or US$89. material using silk and lether. detail quite difficult but somehow I can manage. the actual cost if double then  the price I'm offering. the size that will fir in this is M and L

this one is my original costume of yukata. I'm offering it rp. 400.000 or US$ 40. material using cotton. and only using it once

I'm selling this gazette burst into blaze. but only for reita, kai, aoi and uruha part only

for reita and kai I'm selling it rp. 70.000 or US $ 7,for aoi its rp. 85.000 or US $ 9, for uruha rp. 90.000 or US $ 9
and I never used most of them only uruha part

this is my original Yukata. made from silk.. I will sell it for rp. 300.000 or US $ 3

My original gothic costume...quite difficult to make it. I will offering it rp, 400.000 or US $ 40.

This is my first original cloth that I make for my first cosplay..lots of memories in this. using quite expensive material too. I will offer it rp. 400.000 or US$ 40.

this one I sell for US$28

from left to right
White lolita US$ 35 (sold out but if you want it too I can make it using different material off course), gothic yukata US$35 (sold out), Uruha costume  from shiikureta haru kawarenu haru US$85 (this is one made out of rush but I can make it right if you any of you want it too),

Aoi's Reila costume US$100 (not selling this one but I can make it one if you want too)

H.Naoto punk lolita US$ 100 (sold out but I can make it again)

the one that I sell is the one I'm wearing, the white yukata...perhaps you can't see it clear..it's hard for me to found the other pic. this one I sell US$ 28

some of cloth can be bargain but do let me know by mail or handphone

as for buyer from outside Indonesia u can mail me

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06 December 2010 @ 03:17 pm
Hello again....huaaa I had a quite busy days s I haven't upload any in my lj...so I wrap it up...I began to take a hold at doing make up...so here is the result..btw I'm using my sister as model because she can at time being so I use her for 3 days...heheehe this is my sister look before make up. after make up. 1st time aahhh somehow I felt failed..ahahaha not to mention the hair, can't do much because it's so oily due haven't wash it.. 2nd day today/day 3 today I manage to put fake eyelash and do hair good...make my sister eyes big...oh I love it.. this is nia getting make up by Tenty ( remember the girl with long hair that I put make up before??) I love how Tenty do her hair here, not using adding hair.. In class there's a student that learning to do make up for bride using traditional make up and kebaya..so here is the picture how she put the make up and accecorries bonus pic..hehehe me!!! this is me a year a go? have a nice day everyone...
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03 December 2010 @ 02:39 pm
Tomorrow I have to go to Bogor, it's outside my town,I have a test as Japanese teacher, yeah this is government test.Oh my the location is hard to get and I'm confused how to get there, my friend willing to let me stay over but she at home at night..gosh!!!I haven't study at all..damn!! I just got the letter yesterday,...I hope I can answer it all..wish me luck...

as for now I will leave with some picture from my make up class, 2 day at my make up class and I'm using my sister as model.I will have my make up test at 21st of december and I'm still not found one model..my sister have to work, my friends too..gosh my neighbor is old lady...I must find some young girl that have bit smooth skin so that I can have best result and long hair because I want to make her hair with cool hair pin...I hope I can find the one soon...because I must know what is the color of the gaun she will be wearing, must prepare the accesorries for her hair, must prepare the make up especially the foundation, powder and eye shadow must match with her skin and cloth...not to mention on her hair...gaaaahhhh and I will have written test as well..gosh!!

I want to upload my make up class because I'm using my sister as model...but net is bitching me..next time when I had free time I will post it with massive picture with different model because on moday-wednesday I will have my make up class and will use different girl..heheheehe
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hello...back with my 2nd work on make up practise.this time my model is Nia..I forgot to take picture before I put make up..hehehe. somehow I'm not satisfied because I think my 1st time is way better, I should be improving but why I had the feeling this is getting one step behind last week???can't say good.not covering her black spot very smooth..hahaha because I don't have the right cover foundation..I only got one foundation..damn need money to buy different color...hope JOb come to me fast...so here is the pic,,,compare to previous, which is better??

this is me and nia after we put make to each other..hehehe

this is nia work's

yesterday me and Uli went to church and they already decorate the place, it is so beautiful that we can't help want to take a pic with that background...so here is, and forgive me if some pic the pic bit blur, uli can't take good picture..hehehe

hahaha net being lauzy so I just upload that mount of picture...hheheehe

tell me what you think?
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